Show Me How To Play My Favourite Songs

Maybe you want to learn a song for a wedding or birthday! Perhaps you want to expand your campfire repertoire, or you simply want to enjoy playing the song for yourself. I've personally enjoyed all of these options and I'm really looking forward to helping you learn your favourite songs!

About This Course

Learning your favourite songs is a great way to practice the guitar and fine tune your skills! This is a great opportunity for Beginner and Intermediate guitar players to practice and enjoy their favourite songs as your skills advance!

Email 3 song selections with the artist and song title to Deanne Newkirk - The Guitar Teach. Deanne will then select on of the songs and create a song chart for it complete with Slash/TAB Notation (depending on song), chord charts, time signature and lyrics positioned on top on measures according to musical phrasing. Deanne will also send a short demonstration video to help you learn the song more quickly!